Insights on Jewelry Wearing

We often see some women wearing too much jewelry at one time, including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and even a brooch. Like a soldier in full armor, the whole person looks cumbersome and tasteless.

how to wear jewelry

The function of wearing jewelry is not to show jewelry, but to remind, condense or expand the overall clothing, so as to enhance a person's external sense of rhythm and layering. Like clothing, jewelry also has its own seasonal trend. In spring and summer, you can wear light and delicate ones to match the dresses and colorful seasons. In autumn and winter, you can wear solemn and elegant ones, which can bring out the warmth and delicacy of plush clothing. You must not wear a necklace for spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can not wear it without it, otherwise it will appear monotonous and lack of rhythm.

Avoid using jewelry to highlight less beautiful parts of your body. For example, women with fat and folds on their necks are not suitable for wearing necklaces with too much personality, so as to avoid too much attention from others; if their fingers are not slender and plump, don't wear rings with large gemstones or pearls.

Wearing jewelry must be in harmony with your identity, temperament and clothing to be tasteful. Students should not wear too much jewelry. Ladies with a quiet temperament should not wear jewelry that is too exaggerated and symbolic, otherwise it will make others feel confused.

Pearls or well-crafted gold and platinum jewelry are best suited for business attire, gemstone or diamond jewelry for evening attire, and personalized or ethnic jewelry for casual attire.