Tips for buying jewelry online

preparation before purchase

  • Clarify the purpose of this purchase (marriage/daily wear/gift)
  • Make sure the jewelry you want to buy (bracelets/earrings/necklaces/rings, etc.)
  • Determine the material of the jewelry to be purchased (K gold/pure gold or 925 silver/platinum, etc.)
  • Before buying jewelry online, you need to measure the size of the jewelry you need to buy, such as the length of the necklace, the diameter of the ring, and the minimum length of the bracelet.
  • master relevant knowledge,People who don't know how to do it don't know the authenticity even if they hold it in their hands, so when shopping online, it's best to learn about the identification knowledge of related jewelry, and then make a decision after identifying several aspects. Especially for those imitations that are enough to confuse the real ones on the Internet, we must pay more attention to them. Of course, authenticity can be confirmed by certificates and re-inspection

Tips for buying jewelry online

on purchase

Choose a regular store,When it comes to buying precious jewellery, regular stores are the first choice for reliability. What is a regular store?

1.First look at the store qualifications: Check the company qualifications, business license information, whether to sign a consumer protection agreement, etc.

2.Look at the dynamic score of the store: the description matches, the service attitude, the logistics service, how does it compare with the same industry?

3.Look at how long the store has been open: Old stores more than 5 years old have basically been washed away by big waves and have more reputable support.

Don't do it for cheap."High cost performance" may be a major reason why many choose to buy jewelry online. But one of the big taboos of online jewelry shopping is being too greedy for cheap! The price comparison link before buying is very important, but the price is definitely not as low as possible. If the price is too low, it is very likely that it is a counterfeit or fake product, so we must pay attention to it!

Is there any after-sale guarantee?After-sale protection is very important for online shopping. Before we make up our mind to buy a certain diamond or a certain piece of jewelry, we must ask about the after-sales and return policy, read and understand the main points carefully, find out the requirements for return, and whether you can receive a refund, and be careful about those reputations Stores with insufficient protection,These are the details of the service. Power stores will pay great attention to these soft powers!

after purchase

Be conscious of collecting,After receiving the silver jewelry, carefully examine its appearance to see if it is damaged and whether it is normal. It is best to record an unboxing video and a weighing video to keep the evidence.

Pay attention to the maintenance of jewelry