What is 18K

The "K" of K gold is the writing of the word "Karat". The complete expression is like this: Karat gold (ie K gold), the measurement method of K gold is: pure gold is 24K (ie 100% gold content), 1K The gold content is about 4.166%.

The method of using "K" to calculate the gold content comes from a kind of carob tree on the Mediterranean coast. The carob tree has light red flowers, and the pods are about 15 cm long. The bean kernels are brown and can be used for making glue. No matter where this tree grows, the bean kernels it bears are exactly the same size, so people used it as a standard for measuring weight in ancient times.

Over time, it became a unit of weight for measuring precious, minute items. The measurement of diamonds and gold also used this unit at that time, which was "Karat". It was not until 1914 that "Karat" was stipulated as a standard internationally.

18K refers to the purity of gold in jewelry is 18K. 18K is not about weight, it's about proportion. In theory, 100% gold content is 24K. In fact, it is impossible to have 100% pure gold. According to international standards, K gold is divided into 24 types, namely IK to 24K. However, the types of K gold used as jewelry are less than these, and the jewelry materials used in countries all over the world are not lower than 8K. In this way, there are 17 types of K gold that are actually used as jewelry.

Among the 17 kinds of K gold materials, 18K and 14K are the most used, and they are the main jewelry raw materials in the jewelry industry of various countries. In order to enrich the expressive power of various K golds, foreign countries adjust the ratio coefficients of other alloys to synthesize K golds with different colors while the content standards remain unchanged. Such as white, yellow, rose red, respectively called: white 18K gold, yellow 18K gold, red (rose) 18K gold, black 18K gold, etc.

75% of 18K precious metals are gold, of which 25% are other metals. We know that pure gold is very soft, not suitable for jewelry modeling, not suitable for inlaid gemstones, 18K gold added with other metals not only has the same precious value as gold, but also has strong ductility, high hardness, The advantage of changing colors, when used in jewelry design, is not only beautiful in color, but also strong in structure. It can fully display complex and exquisite creative expressions and realize various shapes.

What does 18K mean

18K gold

18K jewelry refers to a kind of jewelry with a pure gold content of 18/24, that is, 75% gold plus 25% other metal alloys. Therefore, 18K gold is also called AU750. 18K gold jewelry not only has the precious value of gold, Moreover, because of its perfect composition ratio, its hardness is higher than that of pure gold, and it has the advantages of strong ductility and the ability to mix and change colors (18K gold, platinum, rose gold). When used in jewelry design, it can give full play to complex and exquisite creativity It is suitable for making various styles of jewelry. Most of the jewelry on the market, such as diamonds, gemstones, and jadeite, are inlaid with 18K gold.

In fact, 18K gold is more suitable for creation than gold, because the Mohs hardness of gold is 2.5, and its soft texture is not conducive to jewelry inlaying and shaping, etc., but 18K gold is different. It combines other metals such as copper and silver, which can enhance The strength and toughness of gold just makes up for this shortcoming. Furthermore, 18K gold is the gold content ratio favored by the high-end jewelry industry, because 75% of the ratio has reached a high gold content, and the other 25% can use other metals to enhance the craftsmanship, achieving a perfect balance between precious materials and exquisite craftsmanship. balance.

18K white gold

18K white gold is a white alloy smelted from gold and palladium or nickel, silver, copper, zinc and other metals, and its main component is still gold. Because white K gold is white, it is the white metal that is most easily confused with platinum, but it is a completely different metal from platinum. 18K white gold should be 18K white K gold, which is 75% gold. 25/25 of palladium or nickel, silver, copper and other metals, the white K gold formed, the main component is still gold, so it should not be confused with platinum, which has a natural white color.

18K rose gold

The composition of rose gold is: pure gold copper silver/zinc.

24K gold

24K gold generally refers to pure gold in the market, and it can be called 24K if the gold content is more than 99.99%. 24K gold has the highest value and the best value preservation. Although it can be used to make all kinds of jewelry, it is relatively soft and easy to deform. Therefore, most of them are processed with pure gold necklaces and rings. a bit less.

Will 18k gold fade?18k gold will fade, because it may be oxidized during daily use, and the coating on the surface may fall off and then fade, so it has the possibility of fading. But if you do a good job of daily maintenance, the chance of fading will be lower. For example, don’t touch it with water frequently, don’t wear it when bathing or swimming, and avoid contact with other chemical substances.